Wedding Coach Hire

Transport your guests in style, select one or more of our coaches to ensure your guests feel part of your special day. Whatever your transport needs for your guests we can provide your coach needs.

Hire services

Should you hire any of our coaches you can be assured that all your guests will arrive at the venue as planned, limiting parking and congestion problems at your venue.

Drivers and non-drivers can relax together and enjoy your day and no one need to be the designated driver. Come and look at our fleet and whatever you need we are sure we can find what you are looking for.

Make your day a special one for everyone

Your big day means a lot to your guests.  Being late is not an option and many will travel some distance to witness your marriage.  It’s not uncommon for guests to turn up to a wedding a little frustrated and stressed owing to bad traffic, complicated directions or lack of parking facilities at the service.  So why not help them all out and provide the transport for them?

Stuart’s Coaches can meet all your transport needs for the wedding day.  You can arrange to have your guests picked up from one meeting point (railway station or car park), transferred to the service and reception and back to the meeting point at the end of the evening.  Or you can provide a shuttle service ensuring that your guests arrive home safely.

Ensuring the safety and welfare of your guests

Revised laws regarding the provision of alcohol at any event, place an increasing responsibility on the event organiser.  This means that wedding organisers are responsible for the welfare and condition of their guests when they leave the venue, which could leave you liable for any incident resulting from intoxication.

To ensure your guests are looked after, why not arrange a shuttle service to take them near their home.  This will also ensure no-one is tempted to drive home over the alcohol limit and you have peace of mind knowing they will soon be in the comfort of their own homes.

Whatever you want to do, we can offer you an excellent service at a competitive price, please complete our quote form below for pricing.

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