8 - Lanark - Lesmahagow

Departing from Lesmahagow opposite Bankhead Road and terminating at Lanark Bus Station (Stance C).


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Lanark Bus Station (Stance C)12:1615:1618:10
Lanark High Street (Near)12:1615:1618:10
Lanark, before Wellgate12:1715:1718:10
Lanark, at St Patricks Lane12:1915:1918:13
Lanark, at Whitehill Crescent12:2015:2018:14
Kirkfieldbank, before Kirkfield Road12:2415:2418:18
Kirkfieldbank Parish Church (At)12:2415:2418:18
Kirkfieldbank Pr School (At)12:2415:2418:18
Kirkfieldbank Riverside Road (After 116)12:2415:2418:18
Kirkfieldbank Riverside Road (At 36)12:2515:2518:19
Kirkfieldbank, at Lesmahagow Road12:2515:2518:19
Auchenheath, opp Lancaster Avenue12:3215:3218:26
Kirkmuirhill Scott Street (Near)12:3615:3618:26
Kirkmuirhill, at Hope Road12:3615:3618:30
Kirkmuirhill, at Wallace Place12:3615:3618:30
Kirkmuirhill, before Strathaven Road12:3715:3718:31
Kirkmuirhill, at Thornton Drive12:3815:3818:32
Kirkmuirhill, before Treefield Park12:3815:3818:32
Kirkmuirhill, opp Lochanbank Drive12:3815:3818:32
Kirkmuirhill, opp Park Street12:3815:3818:32
Lesmahagow, before Strathaven Road12:4115:4118:35
Lesmahagow, at Industrial Estate12:4215:4218:36
Lesmahagow, at Nethan Vale Terrace12:4215:4218:36
Lesmahagow, before Abbey Green12:4315:4318:37
Lesmahagow, before Langdykeside12:4315:4318:37
Lesmahagow, opp Old Brae12:4415:4418:38
Lesmahagow, Mill Road (Near)12:4415:4418:38
Lesmahagow, opp Bankhead Road12:4615:4618:40

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8 - Lesmahagow - Lanark

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