31A - Wanlockhead - Lanark

Departing from Wanlockhead Museum (os museum) and terminating at Lanark Bus Station (Stance D).

Monday - Friday

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Wanlockhead Museum (o/s museum)09:31
Leadhills, after Ramsay Road09:35
Crawford, opp Bellstane Avenue09:48
Abington, at Hunters Court09:53
Abington Service Area09:55
Roberton, before Howgate Road10:00
Wiston, after Millrig road10:05
Symington Carding Street (Near)10:11
Symington Glenburn Avenue10:12
Symington, before Biggar Road10:12
Symington, after Main Street10:12
Symington Biggar Road (Before 34)10:12
Thankerton, at Dundonald10:16
Thankerton, opp Boat Road10:16
Pettinain, after Cairngryffe Street10:29
Hyndford Bridge, opp Hyndford Road10:33
Hyndford Bridge, opp Hyndfordbridge End10:34
Hyndford Bridge, at Ayr Road10:34
Lanark, opp Lake Avenue10:37
Lanark, opp Newlands Street10:37
Lanark, at St Kentigerns Church10:38
Lanark Bus Station (Stance D)10:39


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Wanlockhead Museum (o/s museum)07:0209:30
Leadhills, after Ramsay Road07:0709:35
Crawford, opp Bellstane Avenue07:2009:48
Abington, at Hunters Court07:2509:53
Abington Service Area07:2709:55
Roberton, before Howgate Road07:3210:00
Wiston, after Millrig road07:3710:05
Symington Carding Street (Near)07:4310:11
Symington Glenburn Avenue07:4410:12
Symington, before Biggar Road07:4410:12
Symington, after Main Street07:4410:12
Symington Biggar Road (Before 34)07:4410:12
Thankerton, at Dundonald07:4510:16
Thankerton, opp Boat Road07:4510:16
Pettinain, after Cairngryffe Street08:0110:29
Hyndford Bridge, opp Hyndford Road08:0510:33
Hyndford Bridge, opp Hyndfordbridge End08:0610:34
Hyndford Bridge, at Ayr Road08:0610:34
Lanark, opp Lake Avenue08:0910:37
Lanark, opp Newlands Street08:0910:37
Lanark, at St Kentigerns Church08:1010:38
Lanark Bus Station (Stance D)08:1110:39

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31A - Lanark - Wanlockhead

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