210 - Wishaw General Hospital - Law Hill

Departing from Netherton Wishaw General Hospital (In grounds) and terminating at Law, after Stravenhouse Road.


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Netheron Wishaw General Hospital (In grounds)13:15
Wishaw, after Heathery Road13:16
Wishaw, at Cleland Road13:16
Wishaw, before Dryburgh Road13:17
Wishaw Old Parish Church (At)13:18
Wishaw, after Young Street13:18
Wishaw, opp Pather Street13:19
Wishaw, at Greenhead Road13:19
Waterloo, at Burnhall Street13:19
Waterloo, before Overtown Road13:20
Waterloo Wishaw Road (At 223)13:21
Bogside, at Gillhead13:21
Bogside Wishaw Road (at 513)13:21
Bogside, after Hyndshaw Road13:24
Bogside, opp Verve Motors13:24
Bogside, opp Wildman Bride13:25
Bogside, at Waterlands Road13:25
Law Buchanan Drive (Near)13:26
Law, at Brackenhill Road13:27
Law, at Shawfield Crescent13:27
Law, after Station Road13:28
Law Hill, opp Braefoot Court13:28
Law Hill, after Manse Court13:29
Law Hill, at Quarry Road13:30

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210 - Law Hill - Wishaw General Hospital

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