366 - Wishaw General Hospital - Harthill Services

Departing from Wishaw, opp Kirk Road Service Station and terminating at Harthill Services (At).

Due to continued vandalism towards our vehicles services 235, 236, 366 and 367 will terminate at Eastfield on all journeys after 1800.  No buses will serve Harthill Main St or services after 1800 until further notice.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Monday - Friday

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Wishaw, opp Kirk Road Service Station05:05
Wishaw, before Coltness Road05:05
Cambusnethan, opp West Gate05:06
cambusnethan, after Branchal Road05:07
Cambusnethan, opp Woodhall Road05:08
Newmains Cambusnethan Street (At 509)05:09
Newmains, opp School Road05:10
Newmains, opp Gospel Hall05:11
Crindledyke, opp Bonkle Gardens05:12
Crindledyke, after Alcath Road05:13
Bonkle, opp Meadowfield Place05:15
Bonkle, at Murdostoun Road05:15
Allanton, opp Mill road05:18
Allanton, opp Coltness Avenue05:19
Allanton, after Coltness Avenue05:20
Allanton, before Mill Road05:20
Shotts Prison (At)05:26
Dykehead, opp Fortissat Avenue05:28
Dykehead, opp Nithsdale05:29
Dykehead, after Dee Street05:29
Dykehead, after Clauanie Avenue05:30
Dykehead, opp Inverkip Drive05:31
Dykehead, after Dyfigg Street05:31
Dykehead, before Windsor Street05:31
Dykehead, before King Street05:33
Shotts, at Dyfrig Street05:33
Shotts, at School Street05:34
Shotts, opp Glen Road05:35
Stane, opp Sandyvale Place05:36
Stane, at Knoll Croft Road05:37
Stane, at Huntly Terrace05:38
Torbothie, opp Brown Street05:38
Torbothie, at Springhill Road05:38
Torbothie, at Melford Avenue05:39
Torbothie, opp Nevis Place05:39
Torbothie Cemetery Road (Past)05:39
Stane, at Charlotte Street05:40
Stane, at Sandyvale Place05:40
Stane, before Glen Road05:40
Shotts, opp High street05:41
Shotts Leisure Centre (Opp)05:41
Shotts, after Abbotsford Crescent05:41
Shotts Ambulance Station (Opp)05:42
Harthill, after Breslin Terrace05:47
Harthill, opp Minthill Place05:48
Harthill Police Station (Opp)05:48
Harthill, opp Senior Citizens Centre05:49
Harthill, opp Mill Road05:49
Harthill, after West Main Street05:49
Harthill Services (At)05:51


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Netherton Wishaw General Hospital (In grounds)06:45
Wishaw, after Heathery Road06:46
Wishaw, at Cleland Road06:46
Wishaw, before Dryburgh Road06:47
Wishaw Old Parish Church (At)06:48
Wishaw, opp Houldsworth Centre06:48
Wishaw, opp Kirk Road Service Station05:0506:50
Wishaw, before Coltness Road05:0506:50
Cambusnethan, opp West Gate05:0606:51
Cambusnethan, after Branchal Road05:0706:52
Cambusnethan, opp Woodhall Road05:0806:53
Newmains Cambusnethan Street (At 509)05:0906:54
Newmains, opp School Road05:1006:55
Newmains, opp Gospel Hall05:1106:56
Crindledyke, opp Bonkle Gardens05:1206:57
Crindledyke, after Alcath Road05:1306:58
Bonkle, opp Meadowfield Place05:1507:00
Bonkle, at Murdostoun Road05:1507:00
Allanton, opp Mill road05:1807:03
Allanton, opp Coltness Avenue05:1907:04
Allanton, after Coltness Avenue05:2007:05
Allanton, before Mill Road05:2007:05
Shotts Prison (At)05:2607:11
Dykehead, opp Fortissat Avenue05:2807:13
Dykehead, opp Nithsdale05:2907:14
Dykehead, after Dee Street05:2907:14
Dykehead, after Clauanie Avenue05:3007:15
Dykehead, opp Inverkip Drive05:3107:16
Dykehead, after Dyfigg Street05:3107:16
Dykehead, before Windsor Street05:3107:16
Dykehead, before King Street05:3307:18
Shotts, at Dyfrig Street05:3307:18
Shotts, at School Street05:3407:19
Shotts, opp Glen Road05:3507:20
Stane, opp Sandyvale Place05:3607:21
Stane, at Knoll Croft Road05:3707:22
Stane, at Huntly Terrace05:3807:23
Torbothie, opp Brown Street05:3807:23
Torbothie, at Springhill Road05:3807:23
Torbothie, at Melford Avenue05:3907:24
Torbothie, opp Nevis Place05:3907:24
Torbothie Cemetery Road (Past)05:3907:24
Stane, at Charlotte Street05:4007:25
Stane, at Sandyvale Place05:4007:25
Stane, before Glen Road05:4007:25
Shotts, opp High street05:4107:26
Shotts Leisure Centre (Opp)05:4107:26
Shotts, after Abbotsford Crescent05:4107:26
Shotts Ambulance Station (Opp)05:4207:26
Harthill, after Breslin Terrace05:4707:27
Harthill, opp Minthill Place05:4807:32
Harthill Police Station (Opp)05:4807:33
Harthill, opp Senior Citizens Centre05:4907:33
Harthill, opp Mill Road05:4907:34
Harthill, after West Main Street05:4907:34
Harthill Services (At)05:5107:36


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Netherton Wishaw General Hospital (In grounds)06:4509:0711:0713:0715:0717:07
Wishaw, after Heathery Road06:4609:0811:0813:0815:0817:08
Wishaw, at Cleland Road06:4609:0811:0813:0815:0817:08
Wishaw, before Dryburgh Road06:4709:0911:0913:0915:0917:09
Wishaw Old Parish Church (At)06:4809:1011:1013:1015:1017:10
Wishaw, opp Houldsworth Centre06:4809:1011:1013:1015:1017:10
Wishaw, opp Kirk Road Service Station06:5009:1211:1213:1215:1217:12
Wishaw, before Coltness Road06:5009:1211:1213:1215:1217:12
Cambusnethan, opp West Gate06:5109:1311:1313:1315:1317:12
Cambusnethan, after Branchal Road06:5209:1411:1413:1415:1417:16
Cambusnethan, opp Woodhall Road06:5309:1511:1513:1515:1517:14
Newmains Cambusnethan Street (At 509)06:5409:1611:1613:1615:1617:15
Newmains, opp School Road06:5509:1711:1713:1715:1717:16
Newmains, opp Gospel Hall06:5609:1811:1813:1815:1817:17
Crindledyke, opp Bonkle Gardens06:5709:1911:1913:1915:1917:18
Crindledyke, after Alcath Road06:5809:2011:2013:2015:2017:19
Bonkle, opp Meadowfield Place07:0009:2211:2213:2215:2217:20
Bonkle, at Murdostoun Road07:0009:2211:2213:2215:2217:22
Allanton, opp Mill road07:0309:2511:2513:2515:2517:22
Allanton, opp Coltness Avenue07:0409:2611:2613:2615:2617:25
Allanton, after Coltness Avenue07:0509:2711:2713:2715:2717:26
Allanton, before Mill Road07:0509:2711:2713:2715:2717:27
Shotts Prison (At)07:1109:3311:3313:3315:3317:33
Dykehead, opp Fortissat Avenue07:1309:3511:3513:3515:3517:35
Dykehead, opp Nithsdale07:1409:3611:3613:3615:3617:36
Dykehead, after Dee Street07:1409:3611:3613:3615:3617:36
Dykehead, after Clauanie Avenue07:1509:3711:3713:3715:3717:37
Dykehead, opp Inverkip Drive07:1609:3811:3813:3815:3817:38
Dykehead, after Dyfigg Street07:1609:3811:3813:3815:3817:38
Dykehead, before Windsor Street07:1609:3811:3813:3815:3817:38
Dykehead, before King Street07:1809:4011:4013:4015:4017:40
Shotts, at Dyfrig Street07:1809:4011:4013:4015:4017:40
Shotts, at School Street07:1909:4111:4113:4115:4117:41
Shotts, opp Glen Road07:2009:4211:4213:4215:4217:42
Stane, opp Sandyvale Place07:2109:4311:4313:4315:4317:43
Stane, at Knoll Croft Road07:2209:4411:4413:4415:4417:44
Stane, at Huntly Terrace07:2309:4511:4513:4515:4517:45
Torbothie, opp Brown Street07:2309:4511:4513:4515:4517:45
Torbothie, at Springhill Road07:2309:4511:4513:4515:4517:45
Torbothie, at Melford Avenue07:2409:4611:4613:4615:4617:46
Torbothie, opp Nevis Place07:2409:4611:4613:4615:4617:46
Torbothie Cemetery Road (Past)07:2409:4611:4613:4615:4617:46
Stane, at Charlotte Street07:2509:4711:4713:4715:4717:47
Stane, at Sandyvale Place07:2509:4711:4713:4715:4717:47
Stane, before Glen Road07:2509:4711:4713:4715:4717:47
Shotts, opp High street07:2609:4811:4813:4815:4817:48
Shotts Leisure Centre (Opp)07:2609:4811:4813:4815:4817:48
Shotts, after Abbotsford Crescent07:2609:4811:4813:4815:4817:48
Shotts Ambulance Station (Opp)07:2709:4911:4913:4915:4917:49
Harthill, after Breslin Terrace07:3209:5411:5413:5415:5417:54
Harthill, opp Minthill Place07:3309:5511:5513:5515:5517:55
Harthill Police Station (Opp)07:3309:5511:5513:5515:5517:55
Harthill, opp Senior Citizens Centre07:3409:5611:5613:5615:5617:56
Harthill, opp Mill Road07:3409:5611:5613:5615:5617:56
Harthill, after West Main Street07:3409:5611:5613:5615:5617:56
Harthill Services (At)07:3609:5811:5813:5815:5817:58

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366 - Harthill Services - Wishaw General Hospital

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