248A - Airdrie - Wishaw

Departing from Airdrie, before Bank Street and terminating at Wishaw, after Bell Street.

Monday - Friday

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Airdrie, before Bank Street11:2018:28
Airdrie, after Callon Street11:2018:28
Airdrie, opp Sheriff Court11:2118:29
Airdrie, opp Miller's Place11:2118:29
Airdrie, after Springwells Avenue11:2318:31
Gartlea, at Craigneuk Playing Fields11:2418:32
Gartlea, opp St Edward's Church11:2518:33
Airdrie, at Petersburn Road11:2618:34
Brownsburn, opp Woodvale Avenue11:2818:36
Chapelhall, after Stirling Road11:2918:37
Chapelhall, before Burniebrae Road11:3018:38
Chapelhall, at Smith's Butchers11:3118:39
Chapelhall, before Honeywell Crescent11:3218:40
Chapelhall, opp Gibb Street11:3218:40
Chapelhall, before Woodneuk Street11:3318:41
Newhouse, after Lancaster Avenue11:3418:42
Newhouse, before Rowantree Avenue11:3518:43
Holytown, opp O'Wood Avenue11:3718:45
Holytown, at Crown Bar11:3818:46
Holytown, at Senior Citizens Centre11:3818:46
Holytown Medical Centre (Opp)11:3918:47
Holytown, before Windsor Road11:3918:47
New Stevenston, at Stevenston Court11:4118:49
New Stevenston, before Bracken Street11:4218:50
New Stevenston, after Station Road11:4318:51
Carfin, at New Stevenston Road11:4418:52
Carfin, before Glenburn Terrace11:4618:54
Carfin, at Hatton Terrace11:4818:56
Carfin, opp Taylor Avenue11:4918:57
Newarthill, at Whitagreen Avenue11:5018:58
Newarthill, before Silverburn Crescent11:5118:59
Newarthill, before Caledonia Drive11:5118:59
Newarthill, at Church Street11:5219:00
Newarthill, opp Mosshall Street11:5219:00
Newarthill High Street (At 311)11:5319:01
Newarthill, at Manse View11:5319:01
Newarthill, after Biggar Road11:5419:02
Parkside, at Biggarford Farm11:5419:02
Parkside, before Windyedge Road11:5619:04
Parkside, opp Fraser Street11:5719:05
Cleland, opp Wilsgait Street11:5819:06
Cleland, after Bellside Road11:5819:06
Cleland Library (At)11:5919:07
Cleland , before Ravenshill Drive12:0019:08
Cleland, opp Sunnyside Road12:0119:09
Coltness, opp North Dryburgh Road12:0219:10
Coltness, opp Earlston Street12:0319:11
Coltness Primary School (At)12:0419:12
Coltness, at Hazeldean Crescent12:0419:12
Coltness, after Greenlaw Avenue12:0519:13
Cambusnethan, after Mossland Drive12:0619:14
Cambussnethan, opp Waverley Drive12:0619:14
Wishaw, after Meadowburn Road12:0719:15
Wishaw, opp Ryde Road12:0819:16
Wishaw, before Stewarton Street12:0919:17
Wishaw, at Steel Street12:09
Wishaw, after Caledonian Road12:11
Wishaw, after Bell Street12:13

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248A - Wishaw - Airdrie

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